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I choose to live & operate off 4 connected ideas that I've formed over time that act as a bit of a guide. I like to mention these because they deeply inform my work.

1. Live Curiously

Firstly, I think it's important to let yourself follow those little sparks of interest we all have.

My many passions and interests have formed through following curiosities and I think it's a wonderful way to not only learn and discover more about your world but also more about yourself. Once you work out what you really want to put your mind to...

2. Show Up

When you want something, you should show up and be there when it counts. You should take the risks and make the sacrifices if it’s truly something you really want. Here’s an example. Just make sure it’s in balance...

3. Balance

I almost think of this as counterbalance. Going back and forward between priorities and commitments. Some days it’s 40/60, others 70/30.

Just like a good investment, you shouldn’t focus on day to day ups and downs, but instead upward trends over time. Make sure your trend over time is balance. And of course, throughout all...

4. Be Kind

You are given a choice to think, act & speak kindly, no matter the audience, no matter the topic, no matter the environment.

I'm not perfect, I sometimes don't get it right - and that's being human - but I think aiming to be a good human and choosing kindness no matter what you receive is a good way to live.