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This is Day 1

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read

Today, I start.

I chose to write daily on Wednesday 10 Mar 21 (yesterday), as part of my final prompt in the 4-week altMBA program.

This is me following through.

Last night I didn’t get to bed early. But I still chose to wake up. Because if I didn’t start this today, it would be even harder tomorrow.

Recently, I’ve been exploring time (and how much I have of it) more and more. For the past few weeks, I’ve been going to work an hour early. Getting to the office around 8am and using the hour for my extra commitments.

I did wonder whether this daily writing would replace that hour. But they should be complementary because they both serve different purposes.

How long should I write for? 25–30 minutes is a good amount of time (like Pomodoro). Wake up at 5:30am, walk up stairs, drink some water, grab the laptop and start writing. When the clock hits 6:00am, carry on with your morning.

Will I get any better at touch typing by writing more? It’s been something I’ve always wanted to learn but never seemed to quite grasp. like it’t one of those things that with a bit of intention and a lot of writing repetition, you will start to pick up. Efficiency.

This was enjoyable. Although I did come up and check my phone (notifications, emails) for a minute or two. this is ‘ok’. But almost separate to this, I don’t want to see it for as long as I can in the mornings, so I will attempt to ignore it for day 2.

Tomorrow I will write about where this will be published. And I will make a conscious effort today during my 8–9am hour to get a list together of some future writing prompts.

This is day 1.