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TEDxYouth@Perth 2021

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting Perth’s first TEDxYouth event.

It was a big day.

400 people filled the State Theatre Centre of WA to hear from 9 speakers, watch 3 films and take in 3 live performances.

It was originally planned for a year ago. But, alas, COVID — we had to call it off on the 11th hour.

So here we are, ready to go a year on, finally able to deliver this event...

Event kicks offs at 1pm, doors open 12:30pm, people arriving from 12:00pm, and the team and I were there from 9am.

I was nervous — it’s hard to fully prepare for being host/MC. It’s a dynamic job that really can’t seem scripted to the audience. Side stage, I had a desk with a lamp where I kept a running sheet, cue sheet and a copy of the program.

I knew I’d need to be super sharp. However, I didn’t expect it to be so draining.

I was exhausted. In fact, I think the most tired I’ve ever been in my life. I felt sick by the end of it, I think it was stress related but it may well have been unlucky timing.

It’s strange. You see everyone around you on the production team physically exerting themselves all day. All I had to do was just have to walk on stage and talk for a few minutes a bunch of times, and it was draining. But of course it’s always thinking on your feet, with a lot of responsibility to pull it all together. There’s lots happening.

But I loved it. I loved the day. It was quite novel to me, and of course a great joy to be on stage with so many incredible people. And it was equally the most exciting and fulfilling day of my life.

I think this day reminded me that mental exhaustion is just as valid as physical exhaustion, and just as important to let your body recover from.

Thank you to all that made this opportunity possible, and helped deliver an incredible event — without you, this event doesn’t happen.