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How to give a great talk

Thanks for coming to my workshop on How to give a great talk!

This is my home on the internet! Below, you can check out the slides, download two custom made templates for you to kickstart your own talk writing and see some great talk examples.

Download the Talk outline template to start building your own talk.

Once you're ready to start rehearsing it in front of people (highly recommended), use my Talk feedback template to help you improve.

For anything else you want to reference, here are the slides.

With all of this, you are more than welcome to print it off, send it to a friend and use it for its purpose. I just ask you don't share it beyond that - it's what keeps my talks and workshops special!

If you're wanting extra inspiration, here are some great talks to learn from:

Goes into greater depth on IDEAS (reiterates a lot of what we've already discussed). Chris it the founder of TED and offers some great tips.
A great take on that problem vs solution comparison that we see in a lot of these talks. Some good points on CTAs too.
Julian offers some additional tips and suggestions for giving a talk people want to listen to. Particularly exploring the use of your voice.
A renowned TED talk that 1) does a great job of communicating an idea, and 2) is helpful for new organisations and groups to think about how they communicate themselves.
From Harvest Business School, a talk by Brian Halligan (CEO of HubSpot) about inbound marketing. Notice how he uses slides to compare problem vs solution throughout
Chris talks about our world of distractions, and encourages to take control back. Effective at communicating his big idea.

Thanks again!

Now it's time to walk the talk.


P.s. if you've got some feedback on today's presentation (good or bad!) I'd love to hear it. I'm always wanting to add more value to and improve these talks. I'm at Thanks!