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For quick ideas, conversation starters and Seth Godin-inspired character limits.

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Audio is the New Black

I love podcasts. I’ve produced them, I listen to them (although not as much as I’d like), I advise people on making their own podcasts. They are a genuinely special medium. Have You Seen George’s Podcast is a prime (and award-winning) exemplar of podcasts stretched to their

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TEDxYouth@Perth 2021

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting Perth’s first TEDxYouth event. It was a big day. 400 people filled the State Theatre Centre of WA to hear from 9 speakers, watch 3 films and take in 3 live performances. It was originally planned for a year ago. But, alas,

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Social media. An interesting term with interesting meanings. Social is literally defined as: “needing companionship and thus best suited to living in communities.”And media, well: “the main means of mass communication”“Communication” and “Communities” sound quite similar, don’t they? That’s because they come from the same word,

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Starting something, joining something, working for something

I’m definitely at a cross roads. I can see I have options, and choices. There are opportunity costs to consider, and also sunk costs to ignore. Currently, I’m working casually 4 days a week at a med-tech startup, and I’ve just started a business degree at Curtin.

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Push / Pull. Mindfulness

Carrying on from the last piece on Creativity. Mindfulness exists in a similar space to creating. When we create, we add stuff into an empty brain to fill it up. When we choose to be mindful, we take a busy brain and choose to empty it and keep it empty

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What is creativity?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times before. And it came up again this week, during an altMBA prompt, ‘Am I creative?’ When I started to reflect on this more than I have before, it came down to that deeper question, ‘What is creativity?’ I always

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This is Day 1

Today, I start. I chose to write daily on Wednesday 10 Mar 21 (yesterday), as part of my final prompt in the 4-week altMBA program. This is me following through. Last night I didn’t get to bed early. But I still chose to wake up. Because if I didn’