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My attempts at pulling multiple things together. No particular order. Trying not to be like Buzzfeed.

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3 great ads

Over the past few months, three advertisements have really stood out of me. They show a deep understanding of Aussies, and make you feel something. It might be a sense of pride, feeling patriotic, more connected to your fellow Australians - and maybe feeling closer to the brand, too. Of

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People I admire

This is a non-exhaustive, unordered list of the people I truly admire, and why. Brendan Lovel My dad. Has not only been able to just manage 6 kids, being a husband, running businesses and being a good friend, but is really good at all of it, too. Massively humble and

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My Learning Diary

I've just published what I'm calling my Learning Diary [], which is a fairly exhaustive, regularly updated list of the courses, books and experiences I've been learning from. It's mainly a running memory for me, but treat it as a recommendations list. My hope is that

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My Favourite Blog Posts

Continuing my attempts at listing things down, this is a small collection of some of the blog posts that I keep coming back to from across the web. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Graham writes on How to Think for Yourself [] I'm a big advocate of curiosity,

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My Favourite Australian eCommerce Websites

I'm a big fan of great websites. I've spent a lot of time building websites, and when I come across other sites that do a great job of what they set out to do, it's inspiring. At least for me, a bad website might mean I go somewhere else -