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Starting something, joining something, working for something

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read

I’m definitely at a cross roads.

I can see I have options, and choices. There are opportunity costs to consider, and also sunk costs to ignore.

Currently, I’m working casually 4 days a week at a med-tech startup, and I’ve just started a business degree at Curtin. I’ve got a couple of “evenings and weekends” projects that I’m spending a small amount of time on, but nothing yet that I want to go all in on.

However, with all these extra projects and opportunities, I suspect there might be soon.

So what to consider? There are financial and career risks to weigh up (albeit less than you’d think).

There’s also the fact that I really don’t know that much about a lot of startup basics, like hiring a team or raising capital, at a practical, experiential level.

But of course, the first and foremost decision is the why, how, what of the idea itself. How does one stay curious and wide eyed to not just the cool, exciting opportunities and solutions but also the taken-for-granted, everyday problems?

I read on LinkedIn the other day someone phrased an entrepreneur as “someone who identifies problems, and then finds a way to solve them, not the other way around.”

How often do you hear a friend say they have an app idea, but really the problem they have just needs a far simpler solution. Maybe the problem needs a bricks-and-mortar store, or to be located in a far country?

The idea of a “sweaty startup” appeals to me. The idea of collaboration and ideation appeals to me.

But ultimately, the idea of not trading time for money and impact, but instead on a direct scale to your smarts, ideas, a bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

Working for the same salary, the same hourly rate, no matter what value I add in that period of time, is not for me. I’m not even looking for bonuses or commissions.

I want the ability to hire a person, make a deal, pivot, innovate and see exponential change.

With still a lot of uncertainty, this I know for sure.