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Speaking & MC

Why do I do public speaking?

I love it. The challenge of understanding an audience, shaping a message for them thoughtfully and presenting that message with them effectively - I really enjoy the process. I also have the privilege of meeting some incredible people and being a part of some wicked events along the way.

🗣 Speaking (Keynote)

I have three keynote themes that are directly related to the skills I've built and used to achieve and grow. Sharing stories, mental models and actionable ideas.

How to be curious

Redefining "purpose", approaching life with curiosity and an open mind.

/ Two versions - for Students and for Educators.
/ Runs 20 mins

From previous events:

Kai Lovel is an extremely engaging and captivating presenter. What makes Kai so unique is his ability to connect with his audience in a genuine and emotional way. Kai's presentations don't just provide content, they inspire other students to apply concepts and take action. We keep getting him back.

- David Castelanelli, Motivational Speaker & Conference Organiser

The students gained a great deal from Kai's presentation. They could very much relate to the content presented and appreciated the advice Kai gave. They had lots of positive things to say. We'll see you next year.

- Marsha Pengilly, Dean of Students - Year 11 at Santa Maria College

How to build a network

Creating meaningful connections, valuable relationships and new opportunities.

/ Runs 45 mins

From previous events:

Kai recently spoke at our Alpha Conference on the topic of Networking. As the closing keynote presenter, Kai finished our conference on a really high note. Students left the conference with an incredible amount of energy and optimism after hearing him present. The interactive elements of Kai's presentations really separate him from other speakers.

- David Castelanelli, Motivational Speaker & Conference Organiser

Kai is a relatable, engaging, and empathetic speaker. His insatiable curiosity and his ability to understand and serve his audience makes him a wonderful teacher. For anyone wanting a presentation that is practical, provocative, and powerful, I highly recommend Kai.

- Jed Herne, Author

How to give a great talk

Present yourself, and get across what you really want to say in front of a crowd.

/ Runs 45 mins

From previous events:

The presentation provided clear steps and points to reflect on both in the development of a presentation, and the delivery. Well-structured layout and easy-to-follow steps, valuable out-of-the-box tips, excellent and engaging delivery, Q&A was fantastic.

- Event Organisers

🎤 MC (Facilitating)

Hosting events, sessions, panels and more. It's not about me - I make it all about the event and the audience, and bring fresh energy to the stage. I try to strike the balance between youthful, approachable and professional.

We love Kai at zero2hero! He is an amazing MC and guest speaker. Kai is quick on his feet, flexible in an event setting and professional in all his communications. We highly recommend Kai as your next guest speaker or master of ceremonies.

- Sam Engel, Events Manager at zero2hero

Kai’s approach to chairing the panel was outstanding, his questions to panelists were appropriate for the needs of the audience and easy to follow for our students. His delivery was engaging and the way he drew each speaker into the discussion was very professional.

- Meagan King, Director of Innovation at Methodist Ladies' College

Kai is wise beyond his years, a deep thinker and powerful communicator. From any panel or group of seemingly unrelated people, he can bring out awesome and intriguing stories, giving them new meaning and purpose. You'd be lucky to work with him, as we've been at Purposeful in the past, I highly recommend!

- Elizabeth Knight, Founder of Purposeful