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Speaking & MC

Why public speaking?

I love it. The challenge of understanding an audience, shaping a message for them thoughtfully and presenting that message with them effectively - I really enjoy the process. I also have the privilege of meeting some incredible people and being a part of some wicked events along the way.

💡 Speaking

I have three keynote themes that are directly related to the skills I've built and used to achieve and grow. Sharing stories, mental models and actionable ideas.


Kai Lovel is an extremely engaging and captivating presenter. What makes Kai so unique is his ability to connect with his audience in a genuine and emotional way. Kai's presentations don't just provide content, they inspire other students to apply concepts and take action. We keep getting him back.

- David Castelanelli, Motivational Speaker & Conference Organiser

🎤 MC/Hosting

Hosting events, sessions, panels and more. It's not about me - I make it all about the event and the audience, and bring fresh energy to the stage. I try to strike the balance between youthful, approachable and professional.

Kai’s approach to chairing the panel was outstanding, his questions to panelists were appropriate for the needs of the audience and easy to follow for our students. His delivery was engaging and the way he drew each speaker into the discussion was very professional.

- Meagan King, Director of Innovation at Methodist Ladies' College

If you're interested in having me at your event or school, fill out the form below or email me at