Talks/programs 🎤

I've been fortunate enough over the past few years to have had the opportunity to share some of my journey and my approach to my work and my life on stage and in schools, including on the TEDx stage.

"Walk the talk" is a phrase we hear a lot. For me, I believe that we should actually "talk the walk". Work out where you stand, make those mistakes, form a mindset, practice it, and share it with the humility to remember that it's just one person's perspectives, no greater than any one elses.

I "talk the walk" on topics such as following curiosities, practising mindfulness and being better time managers, all in flexible time formats.

I absolutely love public speaking, a skill I really value and try to continually develop, and it would be my pleasure to join you at your next event, conference or school development day.

See a clip of me on stage or for more information, get in touch.

Testimonials 📞

"The girls gained a great deal from Kai's talk. They could very much relate to the content presented and appreciated the advice he gave them."

Marsha Pengilly

Dean of Year 10, Santa Maria College

"Kai is an engaging and relatable speaker who connects extraordinarily well with young people. He's not only a great speaker, but is also incredibly organised and professional in his preparation. I would recommend Kai to schools and youth organisations who are looking to help their students grow and develop."

David Castelanelli

Facilitator, Success Mentor & Coach

"He’s not the typical speaker who struggles to connect with a teenage audience because he is a teenager and knows exactly what we are looking for in a speaker."

Min (Student)

Willetton Senior High School

“Kai’s presentation topics were highly valuable for our students. He places high importance on developing key personal qualities and transferable skills which is a large focus here at SEDA.”

Brandon Donaldson

Student Experience Officer, SEDA

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