I explain how we can follow our curiosities, those momentary sparks of interest, to discern our gifts, passions and values (our purpose). Bringing it back to the day-to-day, it's a realistic approach to a big idea.

(Flexible 15-25 minute run time)


On the other side of the coin, I explain how we slow down. I talk about the power of "5-minute meditation" throughout the day, mindfulness & breathing as well as the science behind relaxation.

(15 minute run time)


My approach to "balance". Life is never equal - we always have a priority. I explain how we can time manage by managing our attention. Putting the majority of our focus on our one major priority rather than on lots of things, we can be more productive in a realistic way.

(Flexible 15-25 minute run time)

(most impact & value)

"The Three C's" Workshop

Best for schools, I bring together curiosity, calm and counterbalance to build a bigger picture. How they holistically fit together, and how this modality is one framework for self-management. How we can counterbalance the elements of curiosity (big, future thinking) and calm (small, momentary being) to take back control.

Whether you're a year 10 student on the brink of some daunting decisions, an executive who's looking for a change that is based on "real life" or anyone in between, I share my journey and how I've failed my way to growth.

One session (covering all three elements) + follow up program for schools to encourage real impact and day-to-day change which includes:

  • Student Workbook - post-workshop reflection & implementation activities
  • Teacher Guide - supporting class discussions about the concepts
(Flexible 50-60 minute run time for session)


"The girls gained a great deal from Kai's talk. They could very much relate to the content presented and appreciated the advice he gave them."

Marsha Pengilly

Dean of Year 11, Santa Maria College

“Kai’s presentation topics were highly valuable for our students. He places high importance on developing key personal qualities and transferable skills which is a large focus here at SEDA.”

Brandon Donaldson

Student Experience Officer, SEDA

past engagements