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Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
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Social media. An interesting term with interesting meanings.

Social is literally defined as:

“needing companionship and thus best suited to living in communities.”

And media, well:

“the main means of mass communication”

“Communication” and “Communities” sound quite similar, don’t they?

That’s because they come from the same word, ‘communis’, which is latin for “common, public, general.”


I used to be on most social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat — and I’ve deleted every account except for LinkedIn. Why?

I love boredom. It links to my thoughts on curiosity. It’s a whole post (maybe a book) in itself…

Boredom is those empty moments with nothing explicit to fill that time with. They expand your mind, keep you balanced, broaden your eye-line, and help you discover new things.

And when you have a world of information in your pocket (and FOMO sneaking up behind you) in the form of social media, it’s very easy to fill those moments with scrolling, sharing and selfies.

Which at a fundamental level, isn’t such a problem. But for someone who values those empty moments, and is admittedly susceptible to distraction, I decided the cost outweighed the benefits.

And there were benefits. Staying ‘connected’, consuming some really content from cool people, some nice relaxation. But as I said, it’s the cost that played the biggest part in the decision.

It’s been a very interesting few months since. The friendships I valued most have only become stronger. We call and catch up much more. We always have lots to tell each other, because I haven’t seen all the updates already. It’s refreshing.


2022 Update: While I'm still of nearly every platform, I recently rejoined Instagram. After a year of being away from my school friends, and as we all go our different ways, it was harder and harder to reach out to old friends without being on a social platform.

In essence, the pros now outweigh the cons, and through limited screentime and intentional usage, I'm feeling more connected - for now.