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People I admire

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
2 min read

This is a non-exhaustive, unordered list of the people I truly admire, and why.

Brendan Lovel

My dad. Has not only been able to just manage 6 kids, being a husband, running businesses and being a good friend, but is really good at all of it, too. Massively humble and selfless. Always has time to listen. Taught me how to be curious.

Jeannie Lovel

My mum. You always feel heard when talking to her. Has spent her life helping others through nursing and caring, and made me feel cherished as a son. My greatest teacher.

Wil Massara

A quiet achiever who knows how to make noise when he needs to. Prioritises self-improvement/wellbeing. Knows how to embrace the discomfort zone. A great friend.

Ashlee Harrison

Doing incredible work. Years of giving with not much getting because she believed in what she was doing, and knew it was important work. Turned lived experience into action - and impact. Says it how it is.

Tim Rowberry

Passion. Grit. Control. Put the work in to become a better leader. Sees potential in others and goes above and beyond to help that person realise it.

Elizabeth Knight

Liz has gone all in on what she believes in. She has a grand ability to bring things together (like programs and events) with humility and while staying true to her values, both personally and in business.

Jed Herne

He can write, and write, and write, with such talent. A self-published author, who works to support his passion. Also finds time to run a successful business helping students with study, and fits in time for friends and fitness. A bouldering legend.

Nicholas Mihailou

Young and successful. But just as importantly, successful by any age standard. Big ambition, big ideas. Inspired me to write this with a similar list he wrote.

Tom Oliver

Another quiet achiever who knows how to make noise. Uses his voice and lived experience to spread a message he cares about, even when hit with criticism and backlash. Belief in what's right. A successful business owner and student.

Shil Shanghavi

Learnt to control his stutter, then took it further and dived head first into the challenge of public speaking. Honed his craft, built a practice and now his reputation precedes him. Really generous with his time, great style.

Jack Lovel

My brother. Has honed his craft as an architectural photographer over the last decade, and is sought after nationally and internationally for his skill and eye. His work has been on magazine covers, exhibition walls and continues to impress me. A master at his art.

Jeffrey Effendi

Has built a great org with a mission. So talented, but in a way that uplifts his team and others. Amplifying important work being done around the world through brand and design. My first professional "mentor."

David Castelanelli

Has such a focus on refining his craft. Can quietly put his head down and work. Built a strong reputation and did what was necessary to build skills, programs - leaders. He has sacrificed to empower others.

Darrell McCarthy

My first "life" mentor. A skilled technician, now retired, who always has an idea on the go. "Ra" and I would catch up regularly when I was in school, to take apart computers, work on DIY projects and talk about life, the universe and everything. Another teacher of curiosity, and a really lovely human being who I continue to learn from.