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Networking 101

Why should you network?

You don’t need to know what you want to do to have conversations.
In fact, you have conversations to work out what you want to do.

A personal story.

  • I went to WestTechFest in 2020
  • I met people from two different companies at the drinks after
  • I connected with them on LinkedIn, kept up to date and engaged with their work
  • I was top of mind when they needed someone for a role, project etc. (this is how I got my first full-time job out of school)

Networking tips - using LinkedIn

Creating your profile

  • Show your ‘human side’ too (particularly early on in your career)
  • What do you care about? What excites you? What does everyone know you as the go-to for? (for me personally, it’s another iPhone app recommendation!)
  • It’s not a “set-and-forget”. Mine changes every other month. Keep it fresh and you and your career evolve.

Making connections

  1. Who should I reach out to? Ask: What am I curious about at the moment
  2. Commonality creates connection. Use Advanced filtering to find people with similarities (e.g. same school, degree, old job, mutual friend, voluntary interest)
  3. “Add a note”, share the commonality then follow with curiosity about them
  4. Use empathy here. Don’t say “can I pick your brain” or ask something you can Google :)
- at a minimum, by connecting you get to see their content
- OR you may have some discussions, catch up etc.

Sharing content

  • Be a documentarian (but use a ‘value’ filter - will people get something from it?)
  • You could share 2-3 thoughts from a recent excursion, conference, presentation etc.
  • Or lessons from work (yes, even a part-time job!)
  • Also, engage in other people’s posts too by leaving a thoughtful comment

Bonus tip - LinkedIn generates a Resume for you!

  • Here's how
  • So keep your LinkedIn profile up to date - and never worry about having to double up for your CV too.

Any q's, feel free to say hi on LinkedIn!