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Nedd Brockman is undeniable.

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read
Nedd Brockman is undeniable.
📸: @bradleyfarleyphoto

Nedd Brockman finished his 3800km run from Perth to Bondi today. $1.6+ million raised for homelessness along the way.

He's undeniable. Here's why.

The 23-year-old sparkie started running in COVID. Originally from country NSW, he moved to Sydney and was taken back by the homelessness on the streets.

He then locked onto his mission. Wanting to make a change with his running legs, he did 50 marathons in 50 days. $100,000 raised.

Then he set his sights on a truly cross-country run.

Fast forward to today, Nedd has completed that mammoth challenge he set himself.

He's not undeniable just because the journey was captured on Instagram (@neddbrockmann) ... or because the running data's on Strava.

To me, Nedd's undeniable because he's done something that can't just be 'done.' A crazy ambitious goal that's taken years of effort and consistency to get close to achieving.

Early mornings, blood + sweat — before the PR, cameras and attention showed up.

Undeniable because he got up one day deciding to do this, and then made it so.

He's undeniable in his word. In his grit, his mind, and his body.

And I bet you he's not done yet.

In Nedd's words, "if your reason to keep going is bigger than your reason to quit, you'll just keep going."

"Just keep showing up."

A bloody inspirational lesson for the runners, and for everyone else.


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