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My Favourite Blog Posts

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read

Continuing my attempts at listing things down, this is a small collection of some of the blog posts that I keep coming back to from across the web.

Paul Graham writes on How to Think for Yourself

I'm a big advocate of curiosity, and this piece makes you consider what 'thinking' really is in essence - and how to think better. Paul is a programmer, writer, investor and founder of Y Combinator.

Alec Barrett-Wilsdon writes on How to Google

A simple task at first glance, but a very powerful skill if you know the possibilities. My personal ability to Google reasonably well has helped me discover new tools, meet new people and learn new things. Alec is a growth consultant and engineer.

Rowan Kunz writes on Young People

...and our generational challenges. It's an important piece that is helpful for anyone who wishes to understand youth, with a strong emphasis on solutions - what needs to be done. Rowan is an educator, entrepreneur, writer and founder of Art of Smart.

David Perell writes on Building & Investing in Personal Monopolies

David coins the term Personal Monopoly, explaining it's how you personally differentiate in this competitive world by focussing on the intersections of your own value and skill. He explains how you can invest in your own differentiation. David is a writer, podcast course and founder of Write of Passage.

Afterwork VC on Gen Z Founders

As a young person myself, with many incredible founders and innovators in my peer groups, it excites me when I see Gen Z getting coverage and recognition as real operators and players in the startup space.

Enjoy the rabbit hole.