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Information Diets

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read

You might need to go on an information diet…let me explain.

Just like how the food we eat affects our general health and energy levels each week, the information and content we consume influence our thoughts, mindset, and behaviour. This effect is more significant than ever in the attention economy we live in.

We know this subconsciously, but it's too easy to forget to scrutinise and filter that information. We need to go on an information diet.

✂️ It starts with the apps on your phone. Social media is not all bad, but be intentional about it. For example, what apps are you on, who do you follow, who do you subscribe to, what groups are you in? Does your consumption align with your values and goals?

✂️ It then moves to your emails. Whether you’re an #inboxzerohero or manage email another way, we can all tidy up the inbox.

Review the newsletters and promotions you receive and ruthlessly clear out what no longer adds value. Use Clean Email or UnrollMe to help.

✂️ It might continue with your podcast follows, YouTube feed, notifications, news subscriptions, friendship circles… it's up to you.

As an experiment, put aside 30 mins to audit these information sources, then edit them. The important thing here is getting intentional about it — putting time aside today to sharpen the info stream tomorrow.