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Don't get too fancy

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read
Don't get too fancy

If you think about something you are currently trying to achieve, there'd be a certain task or step that's really important work.

I like thinking about this as the Valuable Valley. The space where good work happens. Where you find the signal amidst the noise.

And there is plenty of noise. The 'fancy' stuff that clouds our priorities and makes us look busy. I call this procrastination place Fancy Land. Recently, I found myself in Fancy Land when I spent too much time on what app or system to use to achieve something, instead of just doing the thing.

If your Valuable Valley is to take notes in class, don't get distracted by the pretty formatting.

If your Valuable Valley is to write creatively, then don't get stuck on the font.

If your Valuable Valley is to get fit, you can only watch so many YouTube videos before you actually need to tie up your laces and just put in the work.

Whatever that Valuable Valley is, establish it and say it out loud early on. When you find yourself procrastinating in the clouds of Fancy Land, you have a valley to come back to.

We all get fancy sometimes. We do it, not because the goal isn't valuable (you just said it is). But identifying the valuable work is just the beginning.

The valley is where you start to climb the mountain.