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Hi, I'm Kai. I'm a student living in Perth, WA. More on me here.

Under the brand Curiosity Digital, I offer digital consulting to business owners.

In practice, I love empowering SME’s to build better systems. I believe better business systems have the power to amplify business missions. And I believe amplified business missions can change the world.

I specialise in product & growth systems. How you can increase your product/offering value through software and automation. And how you can get that offering into more hands using tools built for growth.

Time is first spent understanding your business - brainstorming, "white-boarding", deep diving...

It's then spent then looking at how tech can help - playing with software and over-the-shoulder guidance on no-code or low-code tools like Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Airtable, Zapier and more.

Working with me is like you're reading an instructional manual with insights & ideas specifically and intentionally for you - your business, your offering, your processes. No time wasted sifting through generic articles online.

I'm a big advocate for “teaching someone to fish”, rather than just building them a website. A lot of business owners and operators hold limiting beliefs around digital, and I enjoy showing them they are very capable of doing it.

We won't be a good fit if you are looking for a full service agency experience. There are great agencies that offer to do that (I work at one).

This consulting is for business owners of small to medium businesses who know there is room for improvement and want some advice - their eyes opened - to what's possible.

This work is a passion of mine. I walk the talk - I use these tools in my everyday work, and find great joy in showing them to others.

If you're curious, get in touch.