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My take on App Clips

Kai Lovel
Kai Lovel
1 min read
My take on App Clips

Today I listened to a great podcast episode from a16z looking at Apple App Clips.

Simply, you can access them on your phone via NFC tag, QR Codes etc - they are a small, lightweight version of apps, with focus on one or two actions or features.

Imagine if paying for parking only required a tap, not an app. Or you could pay for fuel at the pump.

You could go to a botanic garden and tap your phone for more info on the plant in front of you.

Or maybe at bus stops, you could find quick, live info on the next services (cc. Transit).

Here in Australia, platforms like Mr Yum are already changing consumer habits at pub tables using similar tech - because they know customers don’t want another app...

What’s most exciting is that these mini programs have the mobility of a website with the robustness of a native mobile app.

As discussed in the episode, App Clips are simply Apple’s answer to what the likes of WeChat have already been doing with “Mini programs.”

And now that it’s apart of Apple iOS, not just within apps like WeChat, all of it can happen without you even having to log into your phone.

For more, listen to the episode.