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A few headings and words that paint a good picture of who I am.

My Why

Separating the signal from the noise.
Creating value. Results.
Tech. Process. Building things.
Conversations. People.
Learning. Mastery of self.

My Journey

From a young age, I’ve been curious.

After school each day, I’d take apart old computers, build contraptions and I even tried my hand at radio broadcasting.

When I discovered the internet, a whole new world of curiosity opened.

From the computer labs in primary school, to the laptop out and about, every week saw me researching and testing a new online platform or app. I would build websites for the fun of it. Systems for the challenge of it.

I ran with different curiosities in my own projects along the way (see Side Projects, below). They were opportunities for learning, networking and building understanding through doing.

I began building skill sets, and mindsets.

For some time, I struggled with different disciplines pulling me in different directions. Interested in APIs, but also marketing strategy, but also UX, and public speaking, and writing?

But I can see that a combination of things can amplify each other. 1+1=3.

The common thread was this: Solving problems with digital solutions.

As I take these skills into the market, I've been able to continue to hone in on what I love doing most.

At the end of Year 11 I received an early offer into university to study business, leaving school early. A few months into study, I deferred, instead deciding to create my own business education.

Today, I work in a mix of startups and agencies:

  • analysing problems that exist (for clients, customers, or the business)
  • conceiving solutions using a digital-first, empathy-driven approach
  • communicating the value of those solutions to stakeholders

One day, I want to start my own thing.

Running stats:

✈️ I've been to 3 countries
📚 I've attended 3 different schools
📎 I've worked in 4 organisations
💻 I've bought 8 website domains
🎙I've started 2 podcasts
📲 I've own 5 Apple  devices (fanboy)

Side projects

A list of the other various weekend sprints, month long projects or ongoing businesses I've started.

  • The Tech Thread Co (2016); My first business, a nerd/tech-themed clothing brand, with little product sold...but a whole lot learnt.
  • Millennial Studios (2017-2019); A platform for some of my earlier online content projects (podcasts, blogs) and more ambitiously, a media incubator empowering other young people to create impactful content.
  • Student Tutors United (2018-2019); Co-founded a peer-to-peer tutoring agency with a friend, becoming Australia's first agency specifically for high-school age tutors, with vetted, trained and empowered young tutors around Perth.
  • Australian Bushfire Donation Info Hub (2019-2020); A website that was a quick response to a devastating fire season here in Australia, a central place for up-to-date info on where you could donate and who needed help during the recent bushfire season.
  • Perth for Perth (2020); A website that was a quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an initiative to support local businesses in Perth, Australia who were reduced to only being able to serve takeaway/delivery.

Great groups

A running list of all the organisations, companies, projects, initiatives, events etc. I have worked for, collaborated with, participated in, been a member of, interned at or contributed to.

  • Centre for Social Impact
  • TEDxYouth@Perth
  • Fairbridge Festival
  • Youth Leadership Academy
  • AUS School of Entrepreneurship
  • The LEAP Foundation
  • altMBA / Akimbo Workshops
  • Learning Creates Australia
  • Purposeful
  • Draw History
  • Ammo Marketing
  • VetDB
  • Up Bank
  • EzLicence
  • TEDxPerth
  • Department of Education WA
  • Future Amp
  • Future Anything
  • YouthX
  • Skills of the Modern Age
  • zero2hero
  • KCR FM
  • Hit 929
  • ABC Radio Perth
  • Sticky Pronk
  • Man Up WA
  • STEM4Innovation
  • Santa Maria College
  • Willetton SHS
  • SEDA College
  • John Curtin College of the Arts
  • Mazenod College
  • Curtin University
  • UWA Public Policy Institute
  • Notre Dame Student Association


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