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A few headings and words that paint a good picture of who I am.

My Why

Curiosity - follow the rabbit hole
Kaizen - continuous improvement
Kindness - treat people well

My Journey

For as long as I can remember, I've always been driven by curious.

After school each day, I’d take apart old computers, build contraptions and I even tried my hand at radio broadcasting.

When I discovered the internet, a whole new world of curiosity opened.

Every week saw me researching and testing a new online platform or app. I would build websites for the fun of it. Systems for the challenge of it.

I built things, launched things (see Side Projects below) failed at things and certainly learnt things.

I began building my network, my skill set, and my mindset.

At the end of Year 11 I received an early offer into university to study business, leaving school early. A few months into study, I deferred, instead deciding to create my own business education.

For some time, I struggled with having too many interests. Different disciplines pulling me in different directions. Interested in APIs, but also marketing strategy, but also UX, and public speaking, and writing?

With good mentors and some introspection, I began to see that the combination of interests amplified each other. 1+1=3.

The common thread was this: I love great digital products - understanding how you come up with them, build them and grow them.

Why? Because the apps and tools I use every day empower me to do my best work. And I want to be able to empower others, too.

Today, I'm building a skillset focussed on building and growing digital products. On the side, I'm a not-for-profit advisor, Gen Z Advocate, speaker, facilitator & writer.

I work in a mix of startups and agencies:

  • analysing problems that exist (for clients, customers, or the business)
  • conceiving solutions using a digital-first, empathy-driven approach
  • communicating (and scaling) the value of that solution to stakeholders and users

One day, I want to start my own thing. But I've got a lot more to learn, first.

Running stats:

✈️ I've been to 3 countries
📚 I've attended 4 different schools
📎 I've worked in 4 organisations
💻 I've bought 9 website domains
🎙I've started 2 podcasts
📲 I've owned 6 Apple  devices (fanboy)

Side projects

A list of the other various weekend sprints, month long projects or ongoing businesses I've started.

  • The Tech Thread Co (2016); My first business, a nerd/tech-themed clothing brand, with little product sold...but a whole lot learnt.
  • Millennial Studios (2017-2019); A platform for some of my earlier online content projects (podcasts, blogs) and more ambitiously, a media incubator empowering other young people to create impactful content.
  • Student Tutors United (2018-2019); Co-founded a peer-to-peer tutoring agency with a friend, becoming Australia's first agency specifically for high-school age tutors, with vetted, trained and empowered young tutors around Perth.
  • Australian Bushfire Donation Info Hub (2019-2020); A website that was a quick response to a devastating fire season here in Australia, a central place for up-to-date info on where you could donate and who needed help during the recent bushfire season.
  • Perth for Perth (2020); A website that was a quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an initiative to support local businesses in Perth, Australia who were reduced to only being able to serve takeaway/delivery.

Great groups

A running list of all the organisations, companies, projects, initiatives, events etc. I have worked for, collaborated with, participated in, been a member of, interned at or contributed to.

  • Centre for Social Impact
  • TEDxYouth@Perth
  • Fairbridge Festival
  • Youth Leadership Academy
  • AUS School of Entrepreneurship
  • The LEAP Foundation
  • altMBA / Akimbo Workshops
  • Learning Creates Australia
  • Purposeful
  • Draw History
  • Ammo Marketing
  • VetDB
  • Up Bank
  • EzLicence
  • TEDxPerth
  • Department of Education WA
  • Future Amp
  • Future Anything
  • YouthX
  • Skills of the Modern Age
  • zero2hero
  • KCR FM
  • Hit 929
  • ABC Radio Perth
  • Sticky Pronk
  • Man Up WA
  • STEM4Innovation
  • Santa Maria College
  • Willetton SHS
  • SEDA College
  • John Curtin College of the Arts
  • Mazenod College
  • Curtin University
  • UWA Public Policy Institute
  • Notre Dame Student Association


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