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Kai Lovel

I'm a Perth-based, self-proclaimed "doer" who is driven to unlock people's potential.

About Me

I've been told in the past that I say "yes" too often. And maybe that's true.

But what it has done for me - is given me so many opportunities to pursue what makes my brain tick, even at my young age.

I've given a TED talk, started 3 businesses, and present & produce for radio stations, podcasts and more. But what I am most proud of, is being able to show other young people that it is possible.

Possible to follow your passions.

To make a difference, right now.

If I'm not working on some project, you'll find me either with my beautiful dog Shanti, tinkering with something technical or playing a mean game of Scrabble.

What I Do

Here's a "quick" summary.

I speak & compere at local events and conferences (book me), I dabble in freelance design & marketing work (hire me), I present a drive show on local radio, I write articles on life, business & content creation over on Medium and for fun, I create web-tools/applications for problems I haven’t yet found a solution to.

For the time being, I'm putting "business" commitments on hold, and focussing on sharing my experiences and skills with other young people through public speaking, digital content and courses (more to come), as well as working as a part-time freelancer & consultant.

In the Media

TEDxPERTH (November 2018)

Last year, I was fortunate to be able to give a TED talk.

The West Australian (January 2019)

Featured in the "WA Rising Stars" feature, reveal 50 of the State's most talented young people over the course of a month.

Heidi Anderson Feature (February 2019)

Self-written article on TEDxPerth experience re-published and featured.

Community News group (June 2017)

Profiled after the launch of my first enterprise, The Tech Thread Co.





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