A little on me, and my journey

Hey! I'm Kai

I'm a young guy based here in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

My "9 to 5" is a high-school student, but I divide my time between the classroom and my many curiosities. I've always been curious.

Over the past few years, I've been on a journey that has taken me through business, media, public speaking and freelance. I've found opportunities to try my hand at lots of different skill sets and found a lot of things I'm no good at (sports being #1) but some areas I really enjoy as well.

I discovered a pattern.

I realised pretty quickly that what I was really drawn to could be accessed behind a computer screen. Every week saw me researching and testing a new online platform or app. I would build websites for the fun of it. Marketing funnels for the hell of it. Social media campaigns for the joy of it. Systems for the challenge of it.

I channelled those passions into my previous small businesses along the way, opportunities for learning through sometimes failing, networking through connecting and understanding through doing.

I discovered pretty quickly that the challenge of digital systems and strategy was a challenge I love taking on. I love understanding the unique stories and perspectives of an unfamiliar business or organisation.

I love thinking digitally. Solving problems with digital solutions. I've grown up online, and this is how I think. This is my passion.

If I'm not at school or working on a project, you'll find me with either my dog Shanti, tinkering with something technical or spending time with my mates.

My Values

I choose to live & operate off 2 different ideas that I've formed over time that act as a bit of a guide. I like to mention these because they deeply inform my work.

1. Live Curiously

Firstly, I think it's important to let yourself follow those little sparks of interest we all have.

My many passions and interests have formed through following curiosities and I think it's a wonderful way to not only learn and discover more about your world but also more about yourself.

2. Aim for kindness

Secondly, a choice to think, act & speak kindly, no matter the audience, no matter the topic, no matter the environment.

I'm not perfect, I sometimes don't get it right - and that's being human - but I think aiming to be a good human and choosing kindness no matter what you receive is a good way to live.

In the media

The Record Magazine (December 2019)

Featured in the monthly magazine distributed to the WA schools, hospitals, universities in the Archdiocese of Perth.

The West Australian (January 2019)

Featured in the "WA Rising Stars" feature, highlighting 50 of the State's most talented young people over the course of a month.

TEDxPERTH (November 2018)

I was fortunate enough to be able to deliver a TEDx talk.

Community News group (June 2017)

Profiled after the launch of my first enterprise, The Tech Thread Co.

Kai Lovel

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