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Kai Lovel

Hey! I'm Kai 👋🏼

I build and grow digital products. I also enjoy not-for-profit advisory, public speaking and writing.

This is my online home. Expect short thoughts, essays and work/life updates here.

You can see what I'm working on now. Or check out what I'm learning. See what tools I use. For the full story, there's more about me. And you can get in touch here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Recent Posts

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The real competition

Let's say you're building a project management software. Your competitors can be grouped into "the solutions that fill the same buyer need you do in a similar way" (i.e. another project management software) Potential substitutes can be defined as "the solutions that fill the same buyer need you do,

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3 great ads

Over the past few months, three advertisements have really stood out of me. They show a deep understanding of Aussies, and make you feel something. It might be a sense of pride, feeling patriotic, more connected to your fellow Australians - and maybe feeling closer to the brand, too. Of

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I bought something off the side of a bus

(And what that means for digital marketing.) Today I was getting fuel at a busy petrol station. Filling time, I was scanning the surrounding roads for something of interest. A bus drives past, with an advertisement on the side. The purple colour catches me, the clever words intrigue me and