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Kai Lovel

Hey! I'm Kai 👋🏼


I’m a tinkerer, serial beta tester, and a dog person. I love great digital products, the daily practice of kaizen, and electronic music.

Here's what I'm doing now. And more about me.

This is my online home. Short thoughts, essays and updates. Strong opinions, loosely held.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Nedd Brockman is undeniable.

Nedd Brockman finished his 3800km run from Perth to Bondi today. $1.6+ million raised for homelessness along the way. He's undeniable. Here's why. The 23-year-old sparkie started running in COVID. Originally from country NSW, he moved to Sydney and was taken back by the homelessness on the streets. He

Nedd Brockman is undeniable.
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18 years

Today I turn 18. Of all things, I'm actually reminded of this day two years ago, finally 16 years old, and how excited I was to sign up to Up Bank. Two years on, still a proud #Upsider... Taking a step back, it's been a considerable few years of new

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Information Diets

You might need to go on an information diet…let me explain. Just like how the food we eat affects our general health and energy levels each week, the information and content we consume influence our thoughts, mindset, and behaviour. This effect is more significant than ever in the attention