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Kai Lovel

Hey! I'm Kai 👋🏼

I love building and growing digital products. I also enjoy not-for-profit advisory, public speaking and writing. I'm driven by curiosity.

This is my online home. Expect short thoughts, essays and work/life updates here.

You can see what I'm working on now. Or check out what I'm learning. See what tools I use. For the full story, there's more about me. And you can get in touch here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Recent Posts

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My playbook for personal growth

I had a great conversation recently. It was with Scott McKeon, the founder of a company called Espresso. It was one of our semi-regular catch-ups where we chat about new ideas we're thinking about, trends we're seeing and everything in between. We got onto the topic of career progression. He

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How to see your spending $$ on your calendar (and why)

Disclaimer: This post is an in-depth explainer/tutorial. It's technical in nature, and designed to be followed - but the philosophy and reasoning behind it are beneficial whether you build this thing or not. I'd also classify myself as an 'amateur tinkerer' at best, so take everything I say with

How to see your spending $$ on your calendar (and why)
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5 companies I’m excited to watch in 2022

It's been a fantastic 2021 for some, and a tough year for others. I've enjoyed taking stock of the challenges and opportunities, looking towards the years ahead. As part of that, I've reflected on what companies in particular I'm excited to watch in 2022. Let me know who you're watching.