Hi, I'm Kai. 👋
I think digitally.

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What I do 📎

Consulting 🗣

Freelance digital work

I work with startups, organisations & small businesses. I strategize and implement website & system solutions for the now (under the name, Curiosity Digital).

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Creations ✏️

Developing my own projects & collaborating with others

Behind the scenes, turning ideas into personal projects, products & businesses, and involving the help of amazing people in the process.

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Sharing ❤️

My perspective, journey & mindset

Alongside my digital work and personal projects, I aim to give value and learn from others through my weekly newsletter, blog, podcasts, and occasional speaking gigs.

Why I do it ⚡️

I'm a young person. I'm exploring my curiosities. Along this journey, I discovered an entrepreneurial spirit within me, and with that, I launched my first business at age 12 - an absolute failure.

Since then, I've started and built enterprises in various fields. I've grown up “online”, websites & apps & tech are what I know. And I know how to use that to my advantage (and to the advantage of my clients.)

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